2. Episode 8 of Kickstarter Success Weekly. Tips and techniques you can use for crowdfunding.  Learn more about crowdfunding at Digital Fundraising School

  3. Charlie Chaplin didn’t need to crowdfund. But what about you? Free class this Thursday at digitalfundraisingschool.com.

  4. Somewhere, in a glass building several miles outside of San Francisco, a computer is imagining what a cow looks like.

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2014 nabiis A2 New Color by Father_TU on Flickr.
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    Greg Bensinger:

    Amazon said it is considering a more than 50% increase in the U.S. to its popular “Prime” two-day membership program to help cover increased shipping and fuel costs.

    The change – of between $20 and $40 annually – would be the first in the nine-year history of the Prime program. Amazon has brought in millions of higher-spending customers through the program, which promises unlimited shipping on many items, as well as video streaming for U.S. customers.

    I would have absolutely no problem paying this — that’s how much of a steal Amazon Prime is right now. And it seems like a lot of folks I follow on Twitter feel the same way.

  7. Kickstarter success stories (and one on IndieGoGo) are covered in this week’s episode of the show. Here are three crowdfunding campaigns with teachable moments.  Are you crowdfundable? 

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Nice leaves, bro.


    Nice leaves, bro.

  10. Ellen Sperling, co-founder of youvegotfunds.com talks with Lee Schneider of Digital Fundraising School, about how to succeed at crowdfunding. Lee is offering a free crowdfunding class in February. More info at Digital Fundraising School.

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